We decided to take a break from the crazy family weekend chaos and step back into nature and explore the Georges River Nature Reserve in Campbelltown. Let me tell you, it was like stepping into a whole new world where nature, history, and calmness mix together. 

As I started walking along the trail, everything around us seemed to slow down. I could hear leaves rustling, birds singing, and a nice earthy smell filled the air. It was like a reset button for my mind. Mind you I could still hear Edith pointing out things, asking "whats this" and playing with the sticks on the ground. It was truly a beautiful thing to witness - her connect with nature.
Camping by the Snowy River was definitely a memorable experience. The sound of the rushing water and the stunning views of the Snowy Mountains was breathtaking.

It sure was a wet one! We had all sorts of weather from rain, windy, sun, more rain and even sleet snow overnight. During the day, we lazed about around the campfire and enjoyed throwing rocks in the river. In the evening, we sat around the campfire, sharing stories and enjoying each other's company.

The crisp mountain air and star-filled sky made for a peaceful and serene atmosphere. Waking up to the sounds of birds and the fresh crisp air was a feeling I'll never forget.
During my recent trip to Canberra, I had the pleasure of visiting the Australian National Botanic Gardens, and it was a truly memorable experience. As a lover of nature and all things green, I was amazed at the vast array of native flora on display, with over 5,000 different species to explore.
Myall Lakes National Park is a hidden gem located on the New South Wales coast. The park boasts a diverse range of flora and fauna, with towering eucalyptus trees and dense bushland. As someone who loves to swim, visiting Myall Lakes National Park was absolutely lovely.
The Dobson cave Hike via Hermits Track is a 3.5-km out-and-back trail near Buxton, NSW. The trail is easily identifiable with yellow paint markings, and there is a stunning swimming hole located near the caves if you wish to take a dip in the crystal-clear water.
Camping in Bungonia National Park on a scorching 40-degree weekend was an unforgettable experience. Despite the heat and the crazy amount of sandflies around, the stunning scenery it was such a lovely weekend away. We didnt do much bushwalking this trip - we stayed closed to camp.