Myall Lakes National Park

Myall Lakes National Park is a hidden gem located on the New South Wales coast. The park boasts a diverse range of flora and fauna, with towering eucalyptus trees and dense bushland. As someone who loves to swim, visiting Myall Lakes National Park was absolutely lovely.

The park's nearby lake (within walking distance!) is perfect for swimming, with refreshingly cold water that was both rejuvenating and invigorating. I spent hours floating in the lake, feeling the warm sun on my skin and taking in the stunning natural surroundings. The beach and wetlands were also breathtaking, with an abundance of birdlife and dense bushland.In the evenings, we returned to my campsite feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, grateful for the opportunity to disconnect and immerse ourselves in nature.

As you can see I hardly picked up my camera! I decided this trip was just about our family. I did manage to snap some images on my phone of us having a nice time doing the things we like - swimming, beach trips and just lazing about. If you're a water lover like me, I highly recommend a visit to Myall Lakes National Park. We camped at Mungo Brush Campground which was great!

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