Tasmanian Oak

Crafted from sustainably sourced hardwood, our Tasmanian Oak frames bring a touch of natural beauty to your images, enhancing their visual appeal with their light color and subtle grain patterns.

Black Frame

Make a bold statement with our sleek and sophisticated black frames. Perfect for adding drama and contrast to your photographs

White Frame

For a classic and minimalist look, our white frames offer understated beauty that complements any decor style. Clean, crisp, and versatile, white frames provide a neutral canvas that allows your print to take centre stage.

Black Wattle

The warm brown colouring makes it a great all-rounder. It also offers a more varied patternation giving an earthy and natural feel. It can have small knots and subtle imperfections which adds a certain charm of a natural timber. Once oiled, the grain and feathering traits really pop.

Cypress Pine

Cypress is the go too when looking for the knots, colouration and random rough timber look. It should be noted that this timber can come with large knot holes and this is part of its charm. Think log cabin, ski lodge and mountain retreats.

Siver Ash

Originally used for cooperage, cricket stumps and billiard cues, it produces a very pale high quality cabinet timber which takes a high polish. Due to this timber being very easy to work with and generally of a consistent colour, it is a fantastic choice for fine art framing.

Western Aust Karri

Karri, known for its rich red hues, is a dense hardwood that offers ease of joining. It lends itself beautifully to framing applications requiring a warm tone.

Are you wanting custom framing for your new print? Custom framing allows you to tailor the frame precisely to your print's dimensions, ensuring a perfect fit. Australian timbers are known for their durability and high-quality craftsmanship, providing a long-lasting and protective enclosure for your photograph.