An adventurous photographer who is making her way around Australia, capturing its stunning natural beauty through her lens while camping in some of the most remote locations. Emily grew up going camping on weekends surrounded by the beauty and ruggedness of the outback, and her passion for photography blossomed from a young age. Her trips take her to some of the most beautiful and remote areas of the country, from the rugged coastlines of New South Wales, the high mountains in the Victorian High Country to the lush rainforests of Tasmania.

She loves the freedom and peace that comes with living in nature and often wakes up before dawn to capture the magical sunrise over the landscapes or spends her afternoon waiting for the sunset to go behind the mountains. Emily's journey is not only about photography but also about discovering herself and living a simple life.

She has learned to appreciate the little things in life and embrace the unknown. She hopes her journey will inspire others to follow their dreams and explore the world around them.

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